Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot?

Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot: So everyone must be familiar with the Snapchat app, which is a photo and video messaging app and also allows you to communicate with friends and family with the help of smart phone.

You must also be familiar with the feature that the photos disappear after a few seconds depending upon the sender’s time. And then once the pictures disappear, you cannot retrieve it back.

The developers of Snapchat also introduced an interesting feature call ted the Snapchat stories as per which the users could create a narrative of snaps and it would disappear in 24 hours. Recently Snapchat debuted a newest version of the photo sharing app which is the Banquo.

Snapchat’s mascot comes with a ghost called Ghostface Chillah and this name is believed to be derived from the hip hop group Ghostface Killah.  There has always been many changes by the Snapchat but this particular one makes everyone puzzled.

Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot?
Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot?

The smiley Snapchat ghost logo comes with no face. The developers of this app have updated its blog and wish to get positive comments on this new creepier logo calling it Noface Chillah.

The latest and the updated version of the app v5.0 Banquo, the mascot of Snapchat does not have a facial expression but the developers of the app make people believe that People are the real face of the app. This could be a good sentimental move but one cannot ignore the fact that the ghost looks scary and less distinctive without a face.

According to Los Angeles Times, it was reported that Snapchat and its founders, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy were facing a legal problem from Frank Reginald Brown IV. Frank Reginald claimed that he was the real owner in the making of Ghostface Chillah name.

Frank Reginald claimed that he was also responsible equally in the creation of the logo. And later he was thrown out of the company by the founders of the Snapchat. From 2011, the Los Angeles based company had the logo. It was clearly stated that logo was a ghost drawn in black and it is smiling with its tongue out.

Probably that was why the founders of the Snapchat went to create something without a face so they could minimize the similarity between the Snapchat logo and the logo of Frank Reginald Brown. But the original Snapchat logo still continues to dominate the company’s website and the founders of the app made it very clear that the logo was not in any way responsible for their app’s success.

Snapchat rolled out an update for its Apple users which comes with a logo of a faceless ghost. The founders of the app claim that they have give a face lift to its logo. They also said that the sudden change was not an accident.  The logo comes in a time of legal challenges as to who was the real owner of the company. Whatever the legal challenges, Snapchat gives its logo a facelift.


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