What Is Xhub APK 2018?

Xhub APK 2018, Xhub APK 2020, xhubs apk download latest version 1.0 10 com xhub video player pro is an online Android app helps you to download and play music and videos for free. Now the time has gone, when you first download the songs and listen to them. But now using this Xhub APK 2018, you can also download music, videos, but also you can play online with the help of simontox app.

Even, you can keep playing music while you use other apps on your Android phone. Watch unlimited videos in HD Quality online, and listen to millions of music online.

If the screen is off, the music still will be playing until you stop them. Search your favorite videos or music using the search bar, and also get the recommendation.

All type of genre music available in this Xhub APK 2018 like Popular Music, Hip Hop, Rock, Classical, R&B, Jazz, Disco, Country and more. Watch High-Quality videos or reduce the quality if slow internet detected. It also imports youtube playlists including liked videos with the help of situs blue 2018.Xhub APK 2018

Features Of Xhub APK 2018

  • Shuffle, Repeat, Next, Back … modes
  • Sleep Timer
  • Import playlists from YouTube including Liked Videos
  • Favorites playlist
  • Share playlists and tracks
  • Easy to use bookmarks useful for music, videos, etc
  • History for search and playbackXhubs APK 2018

Xhub APK 2018 works like youtube, actually, it is a clone of youtube, you will get all the thing, which is available on youtube. Player size can be reduced in different sizes including small, medium, large, normal. you can set up a time to shut down app automatically, at the time you have set.

If the Xhubs Mob APK 2018 has been closed, the app still will be work, until you close it permanently. Even, you can use other apps and browser to search for anything, so the app will work in the background.Xhubs Mob APK

Also, know the history what you have watched, and clear them if not needed. It also provides you with trending features, so you can know what is trending now.

Download Xhub APK 2018

Download Xhub APK 2018 from our store, scroll down and look for downloading button. Now unlock it as shown in the instructions. Once unlocked download its latest version from us, and wait until its download.


Xhub APK 2018 lama: This is the first version when it was released on the Android market.Xhub APK 2018 lama

Xhub APK PRO: The bug was fixed now and updated with more features, so you can enjoy it as an alternative to youtube.

Xhubs APK 2018 Terbaru For iPhone: In version 3, they increased the server speed with fast streaming and awesome layout.

Xhubs Versi Baru 2018: Updated on 20th March, and with tine size, now the app is available in very small size without any interruptions.Xhubs Versi Baru 2018

Install Xhub APK 2018

If you have followed the above method to download old version of xhubs mod apk, so now you may want to install Xhub APK 2018. Navigate to the file manager on your Android device, and open the xhubs mod.Apk file. Before you proceed next step, go to Device Settings > Security and tick on the Unknown Sources.

Now install it, and enjoy millions of videos, movies, music etc without any downloading.



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