Yokodana Apk [2019 Latest Version] For Android, iOS & PC

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About Yokodana Apk

Yokodana is the application which users can use for buying kimono at a reasonable price. In the app, you can have different types of vintage kimono and they are new to the market. The vintage clothing differs from other types of clothing and especially vintage Japanese kimonos.

The company provides bulk collections of kimonos at the best rate. All kimonos provided to customers are made in Japan and most of them are hand-made. The kimonos of the company are originally are wear and then they get recycled in the Japan country by Japanese. The company is making these recycled kimonos of year 1940s and 1990s.

The company also ship the material to other customers in the location of the USA within the state of Delaware. The company sourced them in Japan and then send them to another country. They are prepared in bulk and have variety so that customer can choose according to their wish.


The Yokodana Apk also provides a catalog through customers can easily choose kimonos and place an order. Even users can also explore full details about products before buying that about its clothes, material, design, and many more things. The cost of the kimono is mentioned so that you can have a transparent rate without any hidden charges.

Yokodana Apk

Variety of Kimonos You can explore in Yokodana App

  • 110-A package Women Kimono

The fabric of the kimono is mostly silks and the silk is blended with synthetic and made them especially nice. In the kimono, we also include luxurious and fine type silk which is also known as  Meisen silk. In the traditional kimono, you can explore the design of flowers, birds, fans, butterflies, and imperial items also. In some A time kimono you can also find historical theme such as woodblock prints to make it more attractive.

  • 110-Men Kimono

In the men kimono, we generally use the silk and blend silk and sometimes company also offer kimono made of cotton and wool. Generally, you can explore color are black, dark grey, navy blue, and black-brown. If we talk about prints then you can find tiny plaids in the cloth which means checks.

  • 110- Girls Kimono

In the Girls kimono, you can explore the material of vintage silk and mock silk which provide great grade vintage. This types of kimonos are generally for casual wear and have multiple bright traditional colors. You can also purchase the kimonos with different design as it has a large pattern such as flowers, polka dots, and many more which suited your children.

  • 110- Ohshima

It is the kimonos which are made of Ohshima Tsumugi Silk. The design made on silk is the same for both sides. This Ohshima silk is a very old silk type which made in the process of dyeing using mud, grass, and indigo. This types of kimonos are of the 1960s and a little bit expensive as compared with others.

Now you can purchase such traditional kimonos by using the yokodana application without any hassle direct from Japan.



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