About Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk

Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk is the application that offers the service according to their name and it is also said as the all-in-one application. This is the application that offers the function of dialer and also maintains the call log in the android gadget. The app also offers all features related to the calling and also provide contact or phonebook application.

It is one of the smart applications that offers the function of smart search and allow users to view the history. We know that in the mobile phones the app of dialer has been already in-built then why use the application. With the use of the application, users can easily opt for the exclusive features and great function in just a phone log.

The Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk also offers the features to personalize the dialer according to the user choice and this is feature is not possible in the default contact app already in-built in the android gadget. These features app also offer many other functionality options to make the user happy and satisfy with the service.

The app also allows users to save contact lists with photographs and this way they easily get recognize. The app also offers the option of the category of the list of contacts so that you can easily explore names while making calls. The app also equips with unique and smart block features so that in future you can’t have any type of disturbance.

Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk
Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk

The Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk also offers its features in a variety of languages to make it easy to understand for users. The application performs its activity within a few seconds so that you can explore any delay at the time of emergency. We know that anything could happen anytime and then situation demand calling at rapid to secure life.

Key features of Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk

The Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk is not limited to some of the features as it offers many other functions in the android gadget to make things easier and comfortable for users. In the normal default contact app, you can’t explore exclusive features but in this app, you can easily acquire a variety of features with lots of benefits with ease.

  • User can easily get rid of spam calls

We all know that when we do not like disturbance calls or some contact in the list then we have the feature of blocking them. But when you use this application then you can easily get rid of such spam or unwanted calls easily for a lifetime. The app has equipped with the feature of smart blocking so that you can easily block any spam calling number with ease to enjoy a hassle-free life.

  • Apps avail in a different language

The best feature of the Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk is its availability in different languages such as English, Russian, and Chinese. With this, you can easily understand the features of the app and how to use them. This way, the app gains popularity among another country also due to its amazing features. When people use the application in their language then it offers more happiness while using it.

  • Speed dial option

We know that emergencies can occur any time and we have to take action immediately otherwise it can lose many things. It is the reason the app offers the 8 slots for the speed dial. It means the user can call any numbers in a second without wasting time. This can help to save the life of the person.

  • Password protection

With the use of this feature, the user can protect their contact list using a password. This feature also performs as a trigger for the security scam. If any person tries to hack or open your list then it will take footage of that person.

How to download the Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk

We have brought some steps through which you can easily download Zenul Diller & Contacts Apk in the android gadget with ease.

  1. Firstly, you have to visit PlayStore for downloading the app. Then click on the download option.
  2. After this, you have to install the app and it will take a few seconds to complete the function.
  3. Now you can open the app and start using it.

In-sum this is a perfect application with great features for android users without any hassle.